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Our mantra is simple Manage. Close. Investigate. LEARN MORE  


Environmental Disaster Management
"Ambrose has excellent field personnel who stay on top of claims, so we’re kept informed about progress and costs. That and their prompt claim resolution has made hiring them very cost-effective."
- Thomas Dumont
Assistant Vice President, Claims
Lancer Insurance Agency

Our mantra is simple — Investigate. Manage. Close.


The early stages of any environmental exposure are critical. Ambrose Environmental is available 24/7 to provide immediate response and cause/origin services. Every contributing factor will be identified, documented, and presented to our clients. Proper management of Emergency Response efforts and mitigating the extent of the loss in the early stages are also crucial to lowering the ceiling on each claim. We take great pride in the Identification of other Potentially Responsible Parties, shared liability, and guidance towards realistic subrogation opportunities.


Every single environmental exposure presents distinctive challenges. We at Ambrose utilize a unique network of preferred environmental contractors and engineers. We have mastered the art of budgeting and forecasting accurate environmental claim costs that can be trusted with reserve recommendations. Ambrose will be there at every critical junction, every challenge will be met.


From the moment we receive the initial call, our focus is finding the shortest, most cost effective solutions to complete claim closure. Our work is not complete until State regulators are satisfied, settlements with property owners are arranged, and your claim is made "whole". Leave the heavy lifting to us, we will communicate the key developments and be the driver behind each claim being completed successfully.