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Ambrose Environmental Management- Investigating and managing environmental incidents, Environmental Risk Assessment, Loss Control – and especially, Claims Management
One phone call is all it takes to put our extensive expertise to work for you:
  • Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Loss Control – and especially –
  • Claims Management

A Single Point of Contact

Investigating and managing environmental incidents requires close, effective coordination with local, state, & federal agencies, insurance companies, the insured & claimants legal staff, as well as those actually doing the cleaning up: environmental engineers and contractors. Ambrose reduces this complex network to a single point of contact for you. No longer will you waste time interfacing with regulators, answering claimant questions, or seeking out and managing contractors. Most importantly, you maintain control with a bird's-eye view into the process.

24/7 Response

When an environmental incident occurs, there’s no time to waste. We provide on-site response within two hours, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our nationwide, toll free hotline ( 1-888-556-4734 ) enables direct claims reporting, further speeding the process.

Prompt Claims Closure = Big Savings

We close 75% of claims within 60 days, reducing claims adjusting costs and saving our clients a whopping 15% on average. So not only do you relinquish the headaches of claims management when you hire Ambrose, you measurably improve your bottom line.

Block-Pricing Hourly-Rates Include

  • 24/7 telephone claim reporting
  • New-claim acknowledgement within two hours
  • Site visit hourly-rate includes:
    • Cause and Origin investigation
    • Immediate response/coordination/oversight of remediation efforts without commitment to accept liability
    • Travel up to 2 hours
    • Mileage
    • Administrative Costs
    • Insurance
    • Telephone
    • Photographs
    • 7 day status report via email (included in travel time/cost)
    • 30 day formal report via email (included in travel time/cost)

PPONet™ – Efficient and Cost Effective

Besides enabling a fast, appropriate response using our network of Preferred Providers, PPONet™ provides statistical information utilized to contain the costs of environmental claims. We adjust and track bills for equipment and personnel usage throughout the entire process, applying proven principles of medical care cost reduction to the environmental arena. PPONet™ gives you national emergency response and national guaranteed costs.